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All work is handmade in my studio in rural Lincolnshire.

 My pieces are inspired by my love for the vibrant and subtle colours in nature and the changing seasons.

Vicky Wilkinson is a glass artist based in rural Lincolnshire. A love for colour and landscapes inspired Vicky’s work while gaining a BA in Contemporary Decorative Crafts, and continues to do influence her practice each day. Inspiration is drawn from the warm tones of the Lincolnshire autumn to the white, blue and turquoise of the summer skies.


The Process 

Vicky combines layers of hand rolled glass, fusing them in the kiln at temperatures of over 800ºc and creating pieces that capture intersections of colours with subtle highlights and shadows between the layers

Every piece of beautiful jewellery in Vicky Wilkinson’s collection is a bespoke work of art.  Whether a pair of earrings, a statement pendant, ring, cufflinks or brooch, each statement item is a superb example of the art of glass craftsmanship - unique and ethereal as they capture the light.

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